Empower People to change their world!

Lanesra Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, non-governmental organization duly-registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in April 2004. Its primary objective is to help poor but deserving individuals to be economically self-sufficient. Secondary objectives are high-quality early childhood education for under-privileged children; animal welfare; and community-development projects, such as water projects, clinics, disaster relief programs, etc.


Most people have amazing capabilities that they can put in use for the welfare of themselves, their families, their communities, and the world. But in order for these capabilities to blossom, they need to be empowered, develop self-confidence and given the right environment to grow. Empowering people to help themselves is the most important step to eradicate poverty.


To empower people means to make them self-reliant. One way of doing this is to provide them the right training to develop the skills they need to succeed. In combination with access to modest capital, this can make people self-reliant, and lift them up from poverty.

Child Education

What we are as adults today is being formed in the early preschool days. Therefore, early childhood education is also an important step to ensure empowerment and self-reliance. If we can give small children academic skills, self-confidence and instill in them a love for all creatures in God’s creation, they will grow up as strong, resourceful and capable members of society.

Outreach to the Mangyans, Indigenous Tribe