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Completed Construction of Akwakwa Clinic, Ghana, West Africa

waterproj photo

waterproj photo

Lanesra Foundation, Inc. travelled to Ghana, West Africa in 2004. It was invited by some Filipino and African missionaries to see its clinic project that was waiting completion.

The clinic needed more funds for plumbing, electricals, and paints. Lanesra Foundation was able to provide this and the clinic was completed, now serving the poor people in Akwakwa and nearby villages.

The surrounding villages rely on the clinic for affordable treatment. The treatments range from basic first aid to common diseases and simple emergency cases. The clinic plays a vital role within the community because without it, the sick would have to travel miles to get medical help. Furthermore, volunteers educate the locals on STD’s (sexually-transmitted diseases), give classes on sex education at local schools, and organizes group discussion for women about pregnancy and childbirth. It also educates patients on personal hygiene and sanitation. Many local people are scared about going to hospitals and go to this clinic instead for their medical needs. The clinic runs 24/7 and, hence, is able to accommodate more people at a longer time.