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Neo-Humanist AMJAS MGQ , Manila, Philippines

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In order to provide high quality edcuation to families with limited income, in 2007 Lanesra Foundation partnered with the Ananda Marga Society to run a preschool on the Society’s property in Las Pinas, Metro Manila. Utilizing a combination of Montessori and Neo-Humanist education, the school aims at providing the children with a balanced, complete educational experience, where academic excellence is combined with developing the artistic, emotional, moral and spiritual aspects of the child. The school charges according to the capacity of the parents to pay, some paying as little as Philippine Pesos 50 or 70 per month (USD 1.20 to USD 1.65). For the first years, Lanesra Foundation funded the shortfall of the school by paying the salaries of teachers and other expenses not covered by the very low school fees. In spite of the low costs, the school provides healthy vegetarian snacks to each child every school day.


As a testimony to the standard of education provided, the children that completed the nursery and kindergarten were able to pass the entrance exams of some of the most prestigious private schools in Manila.