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NEO-HUMANIST AMSAI MGQ, Manila, Philippines

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Even though the AMJAS preschool was primarily intended to cater for children of parents with low income, as the reputation of the school kept growing, many middle class children also applied to join the school. From this the idea of starting a second preschool, the AMSAI Preschool arose. By providing a few extra amenities, such as airconditioning and computers, the AMSAI Preschool catered for middle class children and charged school fees roughly half the price of other private schools. While still making the education affordable, enough excess money from AMSAI was generated to subsidize the school aimed at the low income children (AMJAS), and the two schools now break even when it comes to general expenses. Lanesra Foundation still provides funding for capital expenses such as renovations and big school programs, such as graduation, etc. No individual is making any profit from any the schools.