What We Do

Affordable and Almost-Free Early Childhood Education

In line with its vision of a society with empowered young children from financially-challenged sectors of society, preschool-aged children get affordable holistic education, combining Montessori method and Neo-Humanistic education system. Lanesra Foundation has been subsidizing, managing and supervising an Ananda Marga-owned preschool in Las Pinas City for the last 5 years, graduates of which go to top sections when they enter primary levels. The school adopts Ananda Marga’s Neo-Humanistic Education wherein there is a strong focus not only on academic excellence, but also on developing love for humans, animals and plants, and care for the environment. Education of the mind alone will not help change an individual. Education of the heart makes one develop the “We” attitude, instead of the “I” attitude. The children get free vegetarian meals, yoga for kids, and meditation for children to develop their concentration, as well as to relax the mind. A relaxed mind is more able to absorb learning.

Animal Rights

Lanesra Foundation, Inc. advocates for the humane treatment of animals and plants. The foundations aims to assist organizations working directly for the welfare of animals, and promotes vegetarianism as a healthy and ethical life choice. It is a regular donor to PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) for the last many years.

The funds it gives to PAWS goes to medical treatment of sick animals who need not only medicine, but also operation to extend their lives or relieve their suffering from sickness and pain.

Disaster Relief

Philippines is a group of islands frequently hit by typhoons, and Lanesra foundation has been active in disaster relief in some of the worst ones. During the Milenyo typhoon in 2006, which had the international name Xangsane, Lanesra Foundation fed hundreds of Milenyo victims in Barangays Tunasan and Putatan, Muntinlupa City, working hand in hand with the barangay officials. When typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana) flooded large areas of Metro Manila in 2010, Lanesra Foundation fed thousands of flood victims for 7 days in Barangays Bayanan and Putatan, Muntinlupa City, working hand in hand with the office of the mayor.

International Assistance

The activities of the foundation are not only limited to help the Philippines. IIt has also funded many projects in various parts of the world:

GHANA: The Foundation helped fund part of a water project in Mafi-Zongo in Eastern Ghana, West Africa. It donated cement to build the water reservoir and pipes to complete the project. Now, the water project gives clean drinking water to 26 communities.

BURKINA FASO: In Burkina Faso, infant mortality rate is high. AMURT Burkina Faso approached the foundation for a truck to be used by its medical volunteers to travel from village to village to educate mothers for safe child delivery, hygience, etc.

KENYA: Grants to the Abha Light Foundation to train local homeopathic doctors.

ROMANIA: Assistance to Kindergarten School in Bucharest to replace broken roof.

PERU: Assistance to the Machu Picchu Stars project for hearing-disabled women in Lima, Peru. The grant was used to expand the facilities of the project.

Self-reliance for Adults

In line with its vision of society with economically self-sufficient individuals, Lanesra Foundation sponsors skills training for individuals who have difficulties making a living as they lack the required skills to get jobs or to start a small business or trade. The type of training sponsored varies from hair science and cosmetology to food trade, high-speed sewing, automotive repair, etc. Working hand in hand with TESDA in several cities such as Manila, Las Pinas and Muntinlupa City, it has sponsored a substantial number of individuals.

Micro Credit – COMING UP

In line with its vision of making poor individuals help themselves, Lanesra Foundation opts to start Micro Credit scheme to its graduates of skills training. Here, the individuals can either start a small business or expand an existing one.